Hi from the ConsentCare team!

We are looking for doctors to use our unique system for taking fully informed consent from patients when booking surgical or invasive procedures, as part of a BETA test group.

If you are interested in technology to enhance your practice and benefit your patients we invite you to sign up with ConsentCare.

There are no hidden costs - sign up is free!

ConsentCare will provide you with templates for 450 different surgical procedures, with the ability to alter content according to the needs of your patients.  A 'Form Editor' function allows you to amend these to your own preferences, so that creating the form is quick and efficient.

With touch screen technology all forms can be signed and stored electronically, suiting electronic medical records (EMR's) and paperless practice.  A copy can be sent directly to referring doctors, anaesthetists or the admitting hospital.

Involve your patient through the patient portal, giving him/her an opportunity to communicate with you online, to see resources of your choice, and to pull him/her into the digital world of healthcare.

Soon to come - automated patient questionaires and feedback after surgery - audit your results electronically!

To find out more, please take the tour or sign up now.